Peplink has published a new Case Study for maritime users featuring Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard. The case study showcases the features and value of the Narwhal Wi-Fi Onboard solution for almost any boat owner.

screenshot of peplink case study page about sea-tech systems narwhal wi-fi onboard for boats and yachts

Check out these great quotes from the Case Study

The end result is remarkable. Shore-based Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G cellular, and satellite networks are consolidated into a single onboard Wi-Fi network. The least-cost connection available is automatically selected, keeping operating expenses low. For critical business applications such as Zoom, Teams, and phone calls, bandwidth from multiple connections can be bonded together using Peplink’s SpeedFusion technology to create a single, unbreakable data pipe.

…The main thing they love is that it’s something that just works. They turn it on, and it just works. They also have support. If they need something modified, we can do it remotely. Everything is on one main Wi-Fi, with no need to continually change everything. It’s an always on situation.

Read the full case study here:

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