Where does the NarwhalSX antenna mount? NarwhalSX’s ~9″ antenna mounts near or at the masthead for best performance. Mast mount hardware is included with NarwhalSX.

Where does the NarwhalDX antenna dome mount? NarwhalDX’s ~14″ antenna mounts on the mast, typically above the factory radar mounting location. Mast mount hardware is included with NarwhalDX.

My mast conduit is tight, how many cables and what type do we have to install in the mast? Both NarwhalSX and NarwhalDX require just one 1/4″ diameter data cable (Cat6 Ethernet) in the mast. This single cable handles all data communications up and down as well as supplying power to the antenna equipment.

Does Narwhal run on DC power? Yes, NarwhalSX and NarwhalDX both support 12VDC power supplies by default. 24VDC and 110-240VAC support are optional if needed.

Do you install Narwhal? We do not perform installs. We do support both DIY and Professional installations with diagrams, pre-labelled cables, included mast mount hardware, and pre-configuration. We have multiple boat yards that have already performed Narwhal installs we can recommend depending on your location.

Can I install Narwhal myself? If you are a competent DIY installer, you can install Narwhal yourself. The most challenging part of installation is mounting the antenna on the mast and running the cable down inside the mast. Some boats are more difficult than others. Installation consists of mounting components, running cables per the diagram, and supplying DC power to the system. Cabling Diagrams, mast mount, and labelled cables are included. Once installed and powered up the pre-configured system starts up and is ready for use. Because the mast cable integrity is very important to system operation, the Narwhal package includes an ethernet cable tester to ensure the complete cable run from the antenna to the below decks unit is good.

Can I have my favorite boat yard or marine installer install Narwhal? Yes! Like DIY installs, we will provide diagrams, documentation, and support as needed to the installer to ensure a proper install. Since cables are included and labeled, and mast mount is also included, the installation is straightforward, and any capable marine installer can successfully install Narwhal.

Does Narwhal support Starlink? Absolutely, Both NarwhalSX and NarwhalDX are designed for Starlink integration, and NarwhalDX can support TWO Starlink systems and has higher compute power to support very high data throughputs that can occur when using 2 x Starlinks and 2 x 5G Cellular connections at the same time. Additional cables or adapters may be required to connect Starlink to Narwhal depending on the Starlink hardware version you choose. Contact us for details. Read more about how Narwhal enhances Starlink

Does Narwhal support VPN? Narwhal systems have VPN support built in. We can route VPN connections to a shared cloud service, a dedicated VPN endpoint with a public static IP address, or through your land-based home or office’s Internet using Home Relay. NarwhalVPN can even use multiple VPN options at the same time with different routes for different types of data (i.e.: video calls vs security systems vs streaming TV)

Does Narwhal support Load Balancing Internet connections? Yes, in fact Narwhal’s VPN is a highly advanced Internet connection bonding technology that can reroute data instantaneously around flaky Internet connections and/or increase speed using multiple connections at the same time. This works in conjunction with the standard VPN functions routing to the shared cloud VPN, dedicated static IP Address endpoint, or through Home Relay.

Does Narwhal support SIM cards from other countries? Yes, Narwhal’s built-in Cellular modem(s) are unlocked, feature multiple SIM card slots, and support carriers from all over the world.

Narwhal mounts on the mast, where are the SIM cards? Do I have to climb the mast to change the SIM cards? No need to climb the mast to change SIMs! Narwhal uses advanced cellular hardware which includes a special SIM card holder below decks while keeping the cellular equipment up on the mast for best performance.

Does Narwhal support 4G-LTE? Yes

Does Narwhal support 5G cellular? Yes

Does Narwhal include a Wi-Fi Extender? Yes, the Wi-Fi Extender functionality supports both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wi-Fi bands.

Does Narwhal support T-Mobile Band 71? Yes

Can I stream Netflix, Hulu, DirecTV, YouTube to my Smart TV with Narwhal? Yep!

How do I make it look like I am at home to watch my favorite shows on YouTube TV or Netflix? Using Narwhal Home Relay, Narwhal can route video streams or other connections from the boat through your land-based home Internet connection making it look like you are accessing the content from your home.

With Starlink, my Streaming TV service thinks I am in a different city than I really am, can I fix that? Yes, Narwhal Home Relay will reroute the connection from your boat through your home Internet connection.

I have a NAS and/or camera on the boat that I would like to connect to when I am not on the boat, how can I access the devices on the boat remotely? Narwhal VPN has an optional static public IP feature which will allow you to access the onboard devices with either Port Forwarding or through a secure VPN tunnel from your computer to the NarwhalVPN. This works over any Internet connection including Starlink, Wi-Fi, and Cellular 4G/5G.

What is the difference between NarwhalSX and NarwhalDX? Aside from the different size antenna and mounting, NarwhalSX includes a 5G cellular modem which also supports 4G-LTE, and SX also includes support for Starlink or other high-speed Internet connection. It has the compute performance to bond both 5G and Starlink together and maintain high data speeds. NarwhalDX includes TWO 5G cellular modems so you can connect to two different networks at the same time and combine them. It also has higher performance processors so it can bond both 5G connections and one (1) or two (2) Starlinks together and maintain even higher data speeds vs NarwhalSX. NarwhalDX also includes Home Relay as standard.

Do I need to know how to configure Narwhal to install it? Nope! All Narwhal systems come preconfigured including with your custom Wi-Fi name and passwords right out of the box. The system components just need to be mounted and power provided after which it will power up and be ready to use. Remote support and Remote management services are available as well.

Does Narwhal work with Iridium Certus? Yes, we recommend adding a satellite firewall such as OCENS SideKick or Redport Optimizer.

Does Narwhal work with Iridium Pilot? Yes, we recommend adding a satellite firewall such as OCENS SideKick or Redport Optimizer.

Does Narwhal work with Iridium Go! Exec? Yes!

Does Narwhal work with Inmarsat Fleet One? Yes, we recommend adding a satellite firewall such as OCENS SideKick or Redport Optimizer.

Does Narwhal work with Inmarsat Fleet Broadband? Yes, we recommend adding a satellite firewall such as OCENS SideKick or Redport Optimizer.

Does Narwhal work with Redport Glow? Yes!

Does Narwhal work with KVH Mini-VSAT? Yes, and we can even leverage dual-channel KVH systems like V7HTS and H60 by routing certain traffic over the unlimited channel and limiting access to the high-speed channel as needed.

Does Narwhal work with my VSAT system? Yes!

Does Narwhal work with OneWeb and Kuiper? It will when those services are available!

Can you Integrate with legacy Iridium Go!? Unfortunately, integration with the original Iridium Go! is difficult, primarily because the Go! itself is not designed to allow for that. We recommend upgrading to Go! Exec, Fleet One, or another satellite solution if you want to integrate it with Narwhal.

I use Rose Point Coastal Explorer and have a NEMO gateway; I can I use that with Narwhal? Yep! We can seamlessly integrate NEMO into Narwhal as the primary NMEA source and allow Coastal Explorer to remain on the Narwhal Wi-Fi network while communicating with NEMO.

I have a PredictWind Datahub? Can I re-use that with Narwhal? Yep! No need to buy it again.

Can Narwhal Integrate with Vesper Cortex? Yep! Narwhal can use Vesper Cortex NMEA data and provide access to Cortex hub over Wi-Fi for handsets and other devices.

I have a large vessel; will Narwhal Wi-Fi reach the whole boat? The standard Narwhal package includes a single Wi-Fi access point which if installed centrally will cover a normal monohull or catamaran up to about 50ft in length. If the boat is larger, made of carbon or steel/aluminum, coverage may suffer. We can add additional Wi-Fi Access Points to cover larger or more challenging boats. Contact us for design recommendations.

I use Nobeltec TimeZero, can I use Narwhal to download weather and other data into TimeZero? Absolutely, Narwhal provides Internet access (when available) to any device on the below-decks Wi-Fi network. Narwhal can also be a source of NMEA data for TimeZero to receive and display information such as position, speed, depth, wind, autopilot status, etc.

How can my make and receive phone calls with Narwhal? There are a few ways. (1) If your smartphone and carrier supports Wi-Fi calling, you can use Wi-Fi calling to text and call through Narwhal even if your mobile phone does not have coverage, as long as Narwhal has an active Internet connection via Cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite, etc. (2) If an Iridium or Inmarsat satellite terminal is integrated with Narwhal, you can use a dedicated phone (optional add-on) or various apps on your smartphone to place Satellite phone calls through Narwhal’s Wi-Fi network. (3) Narwhal Voice add-on provides a dedicated onboard phone and voice phone line for Narwhal that works over the combined WiFi+Cellular+Satellite connection Narwhal has available. Narwhal Voice can also redirect unanswered incoming calls to a mobile phone or satellite phone number if desired. (4) Various other voice/video apps such as Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, Teams, etc. can also be used.

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